Monday, April 19, 2010

How this blog came about

The Story
I’ve always really liked movies, but it was only until very recently that I began going outside of the general “action or fantasy flick” genres. I used to hate black and white, and positively abhorred the horror genre. These last few years, however, I’ve discovered film. Now we come to the story of how this blog came about. It all started about 4 months ago. I was watching the film “(500) Days of Summer” with my friends when we started talking about the classic films “Citizen Kane” and “Vertigo”, and their endings. I had never before seen either of those films, and was wholly confused. I had entertained for some time the idea of watching the classic films I hadn’t yet seen such as “The Maltese Falcon” and “Citizen Kane”, but after that discussion, I was absolutely resolved to formulate a list of movies I needed to see.
Lacking the creativity and film breadth to formulate my own list, I decided to Google “1001 movies you must see before you die”. Google showed the results, and my quest began. Finally, I found a list I liked, and, being the meticulous person I tend to be, I transcribed the list to a word document, all the while checking to see if the movie was available on Netflix. After some time, however, I discovered the list’s 1 flaw – it only went to the year 2003. I was not satisfied with that, but for the most part I enjoyed the rest of the list. So I turned geneticist and decided to take a best of 2000-2009 list, and graft it onto my own bourgeoning list. The list I had featured about 100 films per 10 years, so I set that as my parameter. I found a list from forums, designed by a user over there named Dracula, and used that. That brought my list to about 1059. I added a few movies of my own that I felt deserved mention, and so arrived at my final number of 1081.
The Mission
After having completed the list, I decided that it would be interesting to document my thoughts for posterity, progression, and practice. I initially thought of doing this via YouTube, but quickly realized that I possessed neither the equipment nor the knowhow to do this. So, I decided instead to turn to blogging. A number of my friends had blogs, and I realized that a blog would suit my needs perfectly. But no mission would be complete without a mission statement, and here’s mine
The Mission Statement
1. I will watch 1081 films documented on a list I have drawn up.
2. I will aim to watch 3 films off the list a week
3. After each film, I will write up my thoughts, giving a brief outline of the plot, followed by my thoughts on the film, as well as why I felt it deserved to be on the list.
4. Films from the list watched on television (commercial interruption, edited for content) do not count as having been seen. (Films on channels such as TCM, FMC, HBO, and Showtime do count)
5. The list shall not be changed from this point forward (no addendums for new movies)
This document signed, April 19th, 2010
Owen Frederick

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